Pugwash & Young Hines


Pugwash is an irish power pop group and Lojinx recently released their fifth album The Olympus Sound in the UK/Europe. I think it came out in Ireland last year, but I missed the boat then. Even though I remember it getting good reviews. So The Olympus Sound is a new thing at the onechord.net headquarters. I admit that it took me some spins to realize the full beauty of this pop album no matter how ludicrous that seems now after falling for the album. Strong melodies and great pop songs that bring to mind all kinds of pop heroes from Jeff Lynne to Jason Falkner (latter especially on Be My Friend Awhile). Guest appearances from Ben Folds, Neil Hannon and Andy Partridge, but now I’m done with the pointless namedropping. This is wonderful pop music and this future pop classic is entitled Fall Down.


Pugwash Website
Pugwash at facebook


I wrote about Young Hines several weeks ago, but a revisit is in order, because his debut album Give Me My Change is now out and available (On Readymade in the US, on Lojinx in UK/Europe). I was obviously extremely interested about Young Hines, because Brendan Benson was the one who signed him. I do love Mr. Benson and Young Hines seem to be a really talented musician as well. His debut is kind of a mixed affair to me. I really adore his pop songs that are often very Beatlesque, but the energetic rockers aren’t really my cup of cheese cake. This new video Can’t Explode showes the side of Young Hines that I’m not that thrilled about. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but the pop beauties like Don’t Break My Fall and Keep Me Goin’ are the real treasure for me.


Young Hines Website
Young Hines at Facebook

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