Treehouse – Top to Bottom

Treehouse released their excellent debut album Top to Bottom on 12th of may. This is country-flavoured pop perfection and one of my favourite Finnish releases of the year. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t get too excited at this point, because so far I’ve only spent one day with the album. But no, that’s not the way we work here at the headquarters. I love to get excited about music and albums like Top to Bottom are the reason why this website exists. This just ticks all the right boxes for me. Wonderful vocals, sweet harmonies, beautiful melodies and stylish playing. And a banjo. I’m very much into albums like this or The Decline by Elvyn (obviously extremely useful to namedrop a Canadian band that only a few have heard around these parts of the globe, but everyone should, because The Decline is a masterpiece). Top to Bottom is already available on iTunes and Spotify. There’s a CD version as well, but I’m not sure will that hit the stores or is it only available on concerts / directly from the band. Here are two beautiful songs from the new album.

Treehouse Website
Treehouse at Facebook

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