The Tallest Man On Earth, The Great American Desert, Nathan K & Paul Otteson

The last month kind of flew by and my life revolved around new job and the Euro 2012. Therefore it’s time to go through some of the great folk albums that came out during that time. More to come during the next week or so, because I try to get on track and there’s tons of albums I need to write about.

The Tallest Man On Earth – There’s No Leaving Now

Swedish Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man On Earth is quite a well-known folk singer-songwriter and doesn’t really need an introduction. Of course that’s partly a perspective illusion and he is not such a big star outside the world I live in. But he should be. The new album There’s No Leaving Now came out on june 12th on Dead Oceans and it is excellent. This is 1904 from the new album.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


The Great American Desert – Carson City

Yer Bird’s latest signing is The Great American Desert. The Great American Desert is Max Holmquist who previously crafted captivating folk music under the name South Of Lincoln. His new album Carson City came out on Yer Bird Records on june 26th. Listen to the title track from this beautiful down-to-earth folk album below and hit that bandcamp link for more.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Great American Desert Website
Great American Desert at Bandcamp

Nathan K. – Dishes

Michigan-based folk musician Nathan K. featured in the video of the day section a while back, but it’s time for another entry, because his great new album Dishes came out on 26th of june. There’s also a new video for the song entitled Bob Seger, which is an outtake from the new album. Stream/buy at bandcamp.


Nathan K. Website
Nathan K. at Bandcamp

Paul Otteson – Robin Red

Well Robin Red by Paul Otteson was the album of the month in june and it is one of my favourite albums of the whole year. It’s such a beautiful release that I had to mention it one more time. February Fables was already pretty convincing, but Robin Red lifted Wisconsin-based Paul Otteson to the hall-of-fame for unknown folk singer-songwriters. Well I suppose hall of no fame, but magical music would be more approriate. Monstrously highly recommended. Stream/buy at bandcamp.

Paul Otteson Website
Paul Otteson at Bandcamp

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