Video of the Day #104 & 105: The Kik & Marty Graveyard


A bit of dutch pop for tonight. I stumbled upon The Kik at facebook a while back and recognized some familiar faces from great dutch pop groups Mark & The Spies and The Madd. Unfortunately I also found out that both Mark & The Spies and The Madd have split up. But no need to worry, The Kik has just begun and they are pretty amazing. There’s a minor language barrier though, but pop is a rather universal language and songs like Simone below are incredibly catchy 60s influenced pop songs. Debut album out on the finest dutch label, Excelsior Recordings.


The Kik Website


This next one is also Madd-related. Marty Graveyard was The Madd’s drummer who also wrote some of the songs. He recently released his solo debut Summer Holiday and based on quick previewing at spotify during the last half an hour, it seems to be a really good summery pop album. Maybe I’m not too thrilled about this video, but the song Do You Really Wanna Dance? is a great powerpop tune. And it’s not even the best song on the album.


Marty Graveyard Website

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