Video of the Day #106: I am Oak

The new album Nowhere or Tammensaari by dutch folk artist I am Oak has been on my list of albums to check out since I saw slowcoustic’s blog post about it a while back. The title obviously made me somewhat curious, because there’s a Finnish word in it and the man behind I am Oak, Thijs Kuijken, comes from Utrecht, Netherlands. I don’t know is there a bigger Finnish connection, but Nowhere or Tammensaari was recorded in Finland. However, the amazingly beautiful folk music of the album is much more interesting than the word Tammensaari in the title of the album. A good place to start is to watch I am Oak’s new music video Palpable dozen times and then stream the whole album at bandcamp. Nowhere or Tammensaari came out on Snowstar Records on june 1st.


Nowhere or Tammensaari at bandcamp
I am Oak Website
I am Oak at Facebook

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