Woody Pines, Zachary Lucky and Carly Maicher

Woody Pines – You Gotta Roll

North Carolinian Woody Pines released a new ep You Gotta Roll a while back and I really like their vintage country sounds. Old-fashioned American music delivered with heart and soul. Red Rockin’ Chair is an outtake from the excellent new EP, but I also had to re-post the earlier video of the day 99 Years Blues (not on the new EP), because it’s just so damn good.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/39862241″ iframe=”true” /]

Woody Pines Website

Zachary Lucky – Saskatchewan

Canadian folk troubadour Zachary Lucky released his new album/mini-album Saskatchewan back in march and I just realized that I haven’t posted about this beauty more than an odd twitter comment or two even though I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Saskatchewan is a little folk treasure and makes Saskatoon feel like home even if you can’t find it from the map. Here are couple of magical examples. Across The Ocean and Leaves Are Falling. The latter one features another wonderful folk artist Carly Maicher on backing vocals.


Zachary Lucky at Bandcamp
Zachary Lucky Website

Carly Maicher – Hiding

Well this one is actually from last year, but I couldn’t leave the opportunity to post a Carly Maicher song to pass me by. I think I first found her music late last year, when she toured with Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods). At the time I was curious about anything even remotely The Deep Dark Woods related and instantly noticed that Carly Maicher’s music was also something pretty amazing. Since then, I keep on coming back to her bandcamp every now and then. This is a beautiful song entitled Tundra.

Carly Maicher at bandcamp

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