Randolph’s Leap – Introducing..

I finally did the right thing and ordered this beauty tonight. Randolph’s Leap is a Glasgow-based 8-piece and Introducing Randolph’s Leap collects together some of their favourite songs they’ve so far released. I originally found this one from Duglas T. Stewart’s (from BMX Bandits, a man whose taste I trust almost fully, I have found a lot of greatness thanks to his TFC forum posts/tweets) tweet about a month ago and instantly liked it. After visiting their bandcamp several times, it became quite clear that this album was pretty amazing and full of very charming folky pop music. This beautiful tune is entitled The Nonsense In My Soul and it’s my current favourite. You can stream/buy the album on their bandcamp.

Randolph’s Leap at Bandcamp
Randolph’s Leap at Facebook

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