Mike Viola – Acousto De Perfecto

Pop guru and a big personal favourite Mike Viola released Electro De Perfecto last year and now it is time for the companion piece Acousto De Perfecto. It was easy to fall for Electro De Perfecto, because it was full of instantly catchy power pop tunes and that’s the kind of music I love the most. Acousto De Perfecto on the other hand, is a bit of a challenge for my narrow-minded taste in music. Maybe the issue is mostly the fact that strings play a major part and usually I’m not entirely comfortable with that. However, the album is amazingly beautiful, Mike Viola has a sweet voice and a perfect melodic sense. Even if I personally would take Electro De Perfecto eight days a week that doesn’t mean Acousto De Perfecto isn’t a great release as well. The album is now out on the wonderful UK pop label Lojinx.

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