Video of the Day #110: I Was A King

I’ve been extremely excited about the upcoming I Was A King album for a few months. This new promotional video for the single Frozen Disease doesn’t make the excitement levels any lower. A really wonderful pop song. Reminds me a bit of Nada Surf in the verse (Let Go -era.. aka the brilliant era), but let’s not get into that scary and pointless namedropping. I Was A King is a Norwegian pop group and their new album You Love It Here will hit the record stores and our hearts on 5th of october. Well at least in Norway/Scandinavia. Hopefully the distribution to Finland works one way or another, because I really need to hear and buy this one. Oh and one more minor thing. The new album was co-produced by Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock! Norman Blake was the reason why I first got into I Was A King. The thing that keeps me interested, is I Was A King themselves and their great pop songs. This is the new single Frozen Disease.


I Was A King Website
I Was A King at Facebook

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