Ken Stringfellow – Danzig in The Moonlight (Album of the Month + Finland tour this week)

This is a good week. Ken Stringfellow is touring in Finland and visits my hometown on friday. Hopefully I will get out of work in time to see the in-store concert at 8raita, but Dynamo in the evening for sure. The tour starts tomorrow at Telakka, Tampere and continues throughout the week. The full schedule is:

Ti 9.10.2012 Tampere, Telakka (+ Cry Bar)
Ke 10.10.2012 Joensuu, Kerubi (+ Ville Härkönen)
To 11.10.2012 Helsinki, Bar Loose (+ Bon Jouni)
Pe 12.10.2012 Turku, Dynamo (+ in-store show at 8raita record store, 6 pm)
La 13.10.2012 Oulu, 45 Special

I’m extremely excited. He’s the guy. Only guilty of writing the finest pop songs though. I’m a huge fan. Been ever since I found The Posies and Amazing Disgrace back in 1997. Times are good also because there’s a new Ken Stringfellow solo album entitled Danzig In The Moonlight. The album came out last week on Lojinx and it’s obviously the new album of the month here at the headquarters. It’s also leading my imaginary album of the year contest by a huge margin and someone has to release one amazing album, if Danzig in The Moonlight won’t be One Chord to Another’s favourite album of the year 2012.

Danzig in The Moonlight doesn’t play it too safe. It’s an ambitious pop album. I normally prefer simple things, but a pop genius like Ken Stringfellow has the talent to keep this constantly transforming beauty in line. Classic pop songs, fragile, intimate ballads, soulful moments, country-flavoured duet, progressive elements, a hint of electro. Despite the range of styles, it feels very comfortable to listen to it. Everything works. Well other than Odorless, Colorless and Tasteless and the ending of 4 am Birds The End Of A Light The Last Radio, but I won’t get stuck on those, because I love everything else about Danzig in The Moonlight. If I had to pick a favourite moment, it would be the last song You’re A Sign (with History Buffs as the close second). In my heart, it somehow feels like a companion piece to my another big KS solo favourite The Lover’s Hymn. Such a beautiful song, such a beautiful record. I suppose this was not an actual review, but Danzig In The Moonlight most definitely is a five hearts album.

Listen to Superwise from Danzig In The Moonlight:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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