Delay Trees – Doze

The second Delay Trees album Doze came out on 19th of october and it’s another great addition to Soliti catalogue. Well partly great in my case, because I have some issues with it. The overall quality is on a very high level as everyone can see/hear, but not all of it is actually my cup of orange juice. Some of the songs are just too long, slow and dreamy for my narrow-minded taste that has been formed by listening to three minute pop songs and whiskey-soaked country ballads. So basicly the album doesn’t lack quality, I lack the patience to enjoy it fully. It’s sad state of affairs for me, because some of the songs are absolutely brilliant like this video song HML below. I wish I would find the key to enjoy Pause as much, but that might not happen anytime soon.

Delay Trees: “HML” (Official DIY Music Video) from Sami Korhonen on Vimeo.

Delay Trees – Pause

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Delay Trees Website

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