Album of the Month: Daniel Romano – Come Cry With Me

It’s almost february and I still haven’t selected the album of the month for january. Although in my heart I selected the moment I heard the advance mp3 promo of this wonderful album back in december. The album in question is Daniel Romano’s third album Come Cry With Me and it came out on the fairly new Normaltown Records (New West imprint) on january 22nd. Today I finally bought a physical copy from the local record store, 8raita, because mp3-files clearly weren’t enough.

Come Cry With Me is an old-fashioned country treasure. Daniel Romano just does this vintage country balladry thing so perfectly. The voice, the songwriting and the execution. Everything works from the the cover shot to the last note. A lot of Gram Parsons vibe in there as well, which is never a bad thing. Of course you could namedrop all kind of great country gents from George Jones to Waylon Jennings, but let’s not take that railroad (ok, I just did). The main thing is that this is fantastic real country music and Canadian Daniel Romano is one of the very best country singer-songwriters at the moment. He won my heart over with his second album Sleep Beneath the Willow (that ended up as #14 on my albums of the year 2011 list) and Come Cry With Me is at least equally brilliant. Here is the first single Middle Child.


Daniel Romano Website

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