Huck Notari – Kickstarter for third album!

Breaking News! Huck Notari is finally about to make a third album and he needs our help!

I’m a huge fan and I love his music. Therefore every now and then, I check out has there been any new devolopments. Now there is and Huck Notari has just started a kickstarter to fund his upcoming third album. Huck might still be criminally unknown, but he is a major talent and the first two albums are both wonderful. Watch the video of Wall Around Your Heart from his 2009 album Very Long Dream, if you don’t take my word for it. I know I’ve posted it before, but I could post this every day and it would still be relevant and hold its charm. I rarely post about kickstarter projects (even though I like them), but this is so important that I want to do my small part in spreading the word.


Huck Notari Website
Huck Notari kickstarter for making third album

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