Frontier Ruckus – Eternity of Dimming

More incredible new releases. I’m quite a newbie when it comes to Michigan-based folk group Frontier Ruckus. It took me until last year to find them, but then I finally bought their earlier albums Orion Songbook and Deadmalls & Nightfalls and my ears convinced my heart that I have a new favourite band. I haven’t heard the whole new Frontier Ruckus album Eternity of Dimming yet, but their american label Quite Scientific have about half of the songs streaming on their bandcamp store and based on those I’m in for a real treat when the copy that the local record store ordered for me arrives. Maybe I should book a doctor appointment in advance, because I’m fairly certain that my jaw drops to the floor out of pure amazement. A double album sounds a bit scary but I think Frontier Ruckus will carry me through it without any drop in quality of the songs. Eternity of Dimming is out in the UK/Europe february 11th on Loose Music. This is Eyelashes from the new album.

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