Video of the Day #118: Andy Oliveri

I meant to do plenty of updates today, but instead I updated wordpress and ran into some problems. It took some time, but I hope I got things sorted out. If the site looks like a mess, then I probably didn’t. Anyway, it’s getting late, but there’s still time for one amazing video that I found from Slowcoustic last week.

Andy Oliveri is a UK-based folk singer-songwriter and the song A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed is the a-side of a vinyl single that came out last november on istartedthefire Records. Such a great song and that hypnotic video by Miles Ridgway is just marvellous. Andy Oliveri also participated Slowcoustic’s Long May You Run, J.Tillman cover project with an excellent version of My Waking Days. This project is worthy of an own blog post later on, but hit this link if you want to hear the magic already. There’s already a lot of excellent versions from artists like Lotte Kestner (new Lotte Kestner album also out soon, is it this week or the next), Greater Pacific etc and there’s more to come. But more about J.Tillman later on. This is Andy Oliveri and A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed.


Andy Oliveri at Facebook
Andy Oliveri Website

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