Skip Zone – Black Country EP


Skip Zone is a fairly new folk rock band from Helsinki. They released their self-titled debut album last year and it was a very good effort. During the past six months, I’ve returned to their soundcloud several times and spent a carefree moment in the company of their beautiful folk songs. The album has been on my list of things to write about for months. It’s kind of ridicilous that these days I’m mostly writing about folk music and country music and still have failed to mention great Finnish bands like Skip Zone and Statues Made Of Matchsticks.

My incredible slowness has led to a state that there’s new music from the band even before I’ve written about the previous material. This time I try to make amends and write a few words instantly after the release date. Skip Zone released their new studio live EP titled Black Country 1st of march and it definitely sounds like this thing is just getting better all the time. I’m loving both male and female vocals a lot and they are capable of writing excellent folk rock songs. A small CD edition of 100 copies will be available later, but at the moment you can listen to the whole thing on their soundcloud. This is the title track Black Country.

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Skip Zone at Soundcloud

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