Woodpigeon – Thumbtacks + Glue


The new Woodpigeon album Thumbtacks + Glue came out on 25th of february on Fierce Panda (UK) and Boompa (US/Canada). Woodpigeon aka Mark Andrew Hamilton is a wonderful Canadian songwriter who nowadays live in Vienna, Austria. I’ve been getting myself prepared for the new album by spending several work days with Songbook, Treasure Library Canada and Die Stadt Muzikanten as my company (it’s a crime against good music that I don’t own Balladeer and Diamonds). These three are all so beautiful, sensitive and amazing albums on every possible level. After streaming the new album a couple of times, it feels like the new Woodpigeon is at least equally magnificent. The copy I ordered to the local 8raita record store should arrive on tuesday, so I try not listen to this too much before that. Even though I love all the previewing and streaming choices that the net provides, there’s always a lot of magic involved in buying an album from a store, coming home and listening to it properly for the first time. Therefore I try not learn the albums by heart before I actually hold them in my hands. It’s hard to resist Thumbtacks + Glue though. Just listen to this great song Sufferin’ Suckatash and you will understand.


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