23:23 – Torero


Rami Vierula is a pretty active musician. Besides making beautiful dreamy pop music in Delay Trees, he also has his own lo-fi solo project 23:23 and he has already released three albums under that name. The latest album Torero was released 25th of february and you can get it from his bandcamp. I admit that at first 23:23 felt like just an ok side project to me and nothing to be that excited about. But now it looks like it was just me being an ass and an ignorant fool. The previous one The Softest Wave Etc already had some really fine moments and this new one is the best so far. There’s some really great songs and it also works well as a whole album. Well done. This the opening track Redheads.

23:23 at Facebook
23:23 at Bandcamp

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