Esa Linna – This Is Who I Am


Last year Esa Linna released his first solo release She’s Not a Human Being EP that featured pop guru Roger Joseph Manning Jr on backing vocals and keyboards. Now it is time for the debut full-length and the album This Is Who I Am was released digitally on february 22nd. A new Finnish power pop release is definitely an event for this blog, because even though I’ve gotten lost in the world folk and country music, I will always love power pop the most. Ok, not all of this fits under the genre, but a lot of it does and the rest of it is really good stuff as well (well other than Meat Market, that song is not for me). Maybe I’m not entirely sure about the cover art, but it’s the songs that count and this album contains plenty of damn good melodic pop songs like Don’t Know What It’s All About, DIY and A Drop in the Ocean.

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