Thanks For Giving A Damn with Otis Gibbs


Lately I’ve been mostly listening to these Thanks For Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs podcasts. I listened all 23 episodes within a week and I really loved spending quality time with Otis and his friends. All of these podcasts are very entertaining. Even when I didn’t knew the person beforehand. Some favourites were Motown engineer Bob Olhsson sharing his memories, Richard Dobson talking about Heartworn Highways and Townes Van Zandt, Phil Kaufman on Gram Parsons, Charles Manson etc and a lot of great current singer-songwriters like Slaid Cleaves, Lydia Loveless, Ray Wylie Hubbard. I guess I could list them all, because favourite one was always the one I was listening to at the time. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Thanks for Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs is available for free on iTunes. If you don’t care for iTunes, you can listen to them on Otis Gibbs website.

Otis Gibbs is also a great singer-songwriter himself. I own his two latest albums Joe Hill’s Ashes and Harder Than Hammered Hell. Both are excellent. There’s one song from each below. Made to Break from the latest Harder Than Hammered Hell and Kansas City from Joe Hill’s Ashes. Maybe I should go and order the older ones as well.



Otis Gibbs Website
Thanks For Giving a Damn on iTunes

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  1. I am a oilfield truck driver/musician/producer in Alberta Canada, I’m a huge fan of Austin Lucas so I checked out Otis’s podcast last week. Wow! My mind has been completely blown! I love the way Otis winds up the guests and lets them go! I love the production as well, very high quality. It’s nice to hear a podcast that the talking is not all over modulated and clipped! Cheers to that Otis!
    I cannot think of a better way to spend the long days in my truck. I’m scared I’m going to run out of archives soon…
    Thanks so much for your hard work! It sure is appreciated!

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