Video of the Day #123: Strawberry Heritage


Today I found something new to love and it’s called Strawberry Heritage. I was just totally into this about 15 seconds after I started watching and listening to this video of a new Strawberry Heritage song Grow Back New. It’s an outtake from their upcoming album New Rise, due out in june 2013. If the rest of the album matches the level of Grow Back New and the other already available song Work Harder, New Rise is going to be brilliant. Maybe it could even come to the level of the new Frontier Ruckus record Eternity of Dimming, which so far is my favourite record of the year. I brought that up, because there is a connection (and this was another opportunity to tell people about the greatness of the new Frontier Ruckus album). If I’m not mistaken John Hanson has directed videos for them and played bass on their tour line-up. It’s always great to find a new artist that I find amazing and then notice that he is friends with other artists I love like Frontier Ruckus, Small Houses, Nathan K etc. Anyway, the connections are nice, but what’s more important is that John Hanson is a really talented folk songwriter. And those harmonies on some of the songs. Oh my. Pure bliss for a pop fan like yours truly. This is Grow Back New.


Strawberry Heritage at bandcamp
Strawberry Heritage at facebook

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