The Heavy Blinkers to release Health on July 30th


Finally. This is worth of a parade of some sort. Health by The Heavy Blinkers is ready and will be released on 30th of July. I’ve been waiting this one for years and at times it almost felt like this album is just a beautiful myth and I will never have the chance to actually hear it. Thankfully after 7-8 years in the making, the Canadian masters of orchestrated pop music, The Heavy Blinkers have finally finished this epic album and the first outtake from Health surfaced today. The song is called Perfect Tourists and I’ve been listening to it all day long. By some miracle, it actually easily lives up to the out-of-this world expectations I have for Health. This is Perfect Tourists.

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Did I already tell you that this band is very dear to me. Our love affair started when I heard their previous album The Night and I Are Still So Young when it came out back in 2004. It was not the happiest time of my life, but the harmonic beauty of this album always managed to shoot a rope arrow into the sun and drag it back into my sight, if it tried to drift away behind the corner. Later on I bought the back catalogue and during the time myspace ruled the social media, I noticed that Jason Michael MacIsaac had a great taste in music. I always try to find new music to love and cherish and Jason recommended a lot of good stuff at myspace during those days. So in some very minor scale, he was a like pop mentor to me at the time. Just like people like Duglas T. Stewart of the BMX Bandits have been. I can’t remember did I found the great and way too uknown Ilona V through Jason, but I remember that he was also very much into her music. If I did found her through Jason, I’m grateful. Anyway, this is getting way too long and personal. Let’s close this post with the title track of the album The Night and I Are Still So Young. More about the mythical Health when it comes out.

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  1. Maybe I’m getting old, (I’m getting old) but this entry means the world to me. It’s amazing how nice people can be. Thank you for this gift, sir. I hope you like the record. It was made for you and people like you.

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