Jeremy Squires release a new single Oblivious


These days I’m usually slow with the updates and most of the news I write are actually old news by the time I actually write them. But thankfully there are still some things that I’m so passionate about that I have to mention them instantly. North Carolinian singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires fall into this category. Like I’ve said before, I’m more than mildly obsessed with his Central Nervous Station EP and I still listen to it if not daily than at least on weekly basis. Today Jeremy Squires released his excellent new single Oblivious. It’s an outtake from his upcoming album When Will You Go, due out in October. I’ve listened to it one, two, three.. no wait.. probably around twenty times. If you want to follow my path, hit that play button below and/or buy the single from iTunes, Bandcamp. When Will You Go is going to be a treasure. I can hardly wait.

Jeremy Squires Website
Jeremy Squires at Facebook
Jeremy Squires at Bandcamp

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