Topi Saha – Kolme veljee


The first part of my vacation is over and one of the highlights of it was finally seeing Topi Saha’s live performance. I’ve been a fan since the days when Myspace ruled the social media, but somehow our paths didn’t cross until now at Indie-iltamat. The show was unfortunately a bit short due to the schedule of the evening, but I did love every second of it. It also reminded me that I still haven’t even mentioned Topi Saha’s second album Kolme veljee that came out in march on Warner Music Finland. Major labels rarely get things right, but it’s time to give credit when credit is due. Releasing such a magnificent record by a young Finnish folk singer-songwriter is definitely worth a praise. This small blog entry is also a note to self: Buy the record man. So far I’ve been only spinning this thing on Spotify and that just ain’t right. This is Se joka karkuun pääs.

topi saha – se joka karkuun pääs from Stickmen Hki on Vimeo.

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