Marine Dreams, Vikesh Kapoor, Mirel Wagner & Chris Picco

Some great songs that I’ve formed a relationship with.


First we have Canadian Marine Dreams and Roots Come After Lengthy Waits from their upcoming album Corner Of the Eye. I don’t know much about Marine Dreams or Ian Kehoe, the man behind Marine Dreams, but after listening this awesome dreamy song a few dozen times during the past three days, I’m more than keen to find out more and hear the whole album (it will come out on the You’ve Changed Records in september). This is Roots Come After Lengthy Waits.

Marine Dreams at Facebook


Singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor is a new signing by the excellent Portland-based label Mama Bird Recording Company. Last year they released excellent albums by Barna Howard (#2 on my albums of the year list) and Denver (#16 on my albums of the year list). Therefore I’m pretty much a fan of the label and interested about everything they release. It looks like they won’t let me down this time either and continue to sign only great songwriters. Vikesh Kapoor’s concept album The Ballad Of Willy Robbins will hit the stores and our hearts on October 15th. If the rest of it is as good as this first outtake I Dreamt Blues, it’s going to be a special album.

Vikesh Kapoor Website


Moving on to Finland. I still haven’t posted the new Mirel Wagner song Is This What Love Looks Like that came out few months ago. That’s just criminal, because this is again wonderful. Is This What Love Looks Like is a stream only single released in support of a help line for women suffering from violence within their partnerships.

Mirel Wagner Website


Let’s move back to Canada and close this post with something fairly simple, but everlastingly beautiful. Chris Picco’s album The Beach has gotten quite a lot of air time on my iPod during the past month or so. It contains some songs that I absolutely love, like The Good Within and In Your Light, but also a couple of songs I don’t like at all (especially Real Estate Men). So fair to say I do have a bit mixed feelings about it. Mostly a great record though that fills my heart with warmness. This is In Your Light.

Chris Picco at Facebook

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