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It’s tough to keep up, because there’s so much good music coming up all the time. Here’s some recent favourites.


I’ve been a fan of American songwriter Laura Veirs for several years. Her new album Warp And Weft was just released last week and I picked it up from the local 8raita store on friday. It might not reach the same level of brilliance as my favourite Laura Veirs albums Carbon Glacier and July Flame, but it’s another strong album for sure. This is the wonderful opener Sun Song.

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Laura Veirs Website


Moving on from Laura’s modern folk sounds into older times. Pokey LaFarge’s new album has been on the playlist for a month or so. It’s a new Third Man Records release and I’m definitely enjoying it a lot. It might not be something that I listen to on a daily basis, but each time I hit play, these old-fashioned sounds make me feel oh so good. So maybe I should start listening to this every day. Country blues, jazz, ragtime and that sort of things. What’s not to love. This is the debut single Central Time.

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Pokey LaFarge Website


Zachary Lucky’s new album The Ballad Of Losing You is due to be released on september 17th by Missed Connection Records. It seems like this Canadian singer-songwriter will be heading closer and closer to traditional country sounds, but that’s hardly a bad thing. I like this just as much as I like his older material. Which is a lot. This next one is Woke Up, the first outtake from the upcoming album.

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Zachary Lucky Website

Let’s stay in Canada and just move from Saskatoon to Toronto. The music is quite different though. Taylor Knox is a guy I’ve been following for some time now. I think he has a good thing going on. Sloan comes to mind often and therefore it probably isn’t a surprise that a guy who writes a blog titled One Chord to Another likes what Taylor does. I think he has even played with Sloan. But the interesting bit about Taylor isn’t the Sloan connection. He is a talented musician / songwriter and I’m pretty keen to hear his debut full-length. It’s not ready yet though. In the meantime I have to settle for this excellent new song My Backyard.

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Taylor Knox Website

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