The Lieblings – Take Us To Your Leader


This makes me incredibly happy. The debut album by The Lieblings is now in stores and ready to cause a joyful havoc in your head, heart and bellybutton. This thing is called Take Us To Your Leader and it came out on GAEA Records on the 23rd of august. I’m really loving this one, but I suppose it’s no surprise. If you wanted to make a target audience for this album, I would be there on the first row. Powerful, energetic pop music, 90s power pop, fuzzy guitars, great singing, catchy-as-hell songs. I became an obsessive music fan because of music like this. Of course my taste has expanded into many different directions since that, but before power pop, the chart albums were basicly enough. A lot of beautiful noise in form of a melodic pop song. The sweetest and the most joyful form of art. And now we have a brand new album full of wonderful, energetic and blissfully fuzzy power pop.

The Lieblings are Sam Shingler, Andy J. Prinkkilä, Coma Silvennoinen and Katja Tolonen. Because of some unknown reason, I somehow assumed that this was Sam’s new band (in a sense that’s he is the only songwriter and the front man of the band). Therefore it was pleasant surprise to notice that all members write songs and sing on the album. But don’t get me wrong. I was damn excited even at the time when I thought this was Sam’s band . I’m a fan of both Montevideo and The Pansies and have enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve heard from him. It’s just that Andy and Coma are from The Sugarrush, which is pretty much the dearest band in the world to me (a tie with Bridget). That’s why I was thrilled to notice that they play equally important role as Sam and Katja. Some of this stuff is actually quite close to The Sugarrush. It almost feels like Coma is stealing a bit from his own The Sugarrush song on She Motorway, but I think that’s allowed (and it might be some unreleased The Sugarrush song). Anyway, Take Us To Your Leader is a wonderful noisy pop record. Monstrously highly recommended. This is the debut single It’s All Gonna Fall.


The Lieblings Website

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  1. That’s highly unlikely. But at least for now, you can listen to the whole thing at I’m not sure how long they are going to keep it there.

    And of course Americans can buy it from Finland. For example Stupido Shop ships overseas.,eng.php But it might get way too expensive. The CD seems to be about $21 at the moment. Plus overseas shipping. I don’t know how much that is. So maybe that is not an option.

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