Album of the Month: Austin Lucas – Stay Reckless


There was also several other great possibilities for the new album of the month spot. I’m very much into The Lieblings album and I’m more than just a little obsessed with the upcoming Marine Dreams album. But then there’s a new Austin Lucas album and in the end, the choice is rather easy. I love this guy. His two previous albums Somebody Loves You and A New Home In The Old World are very dear to me and the new release, Stay Reckless is probably his finest album to date. Absolutely fantastic from the get-go to the last note. A great blend of americana, country and rock’n’roll. I suppose some country purists might struggle with this, because at times Stay Reckless might be closer to Hüsker Dü than Willie Nelson. Ok, that namedropping got more than a little out of hand. On a more serious note, whether it’s blast of countrified rock’n’roll or a beautiful country ballad, Austin nails it perfectly each time. This time Austin also had one of the best bands in the world as his backing band in the studio. Austin Lucas with Glossary. That collaboration was a match made in rock’n’roll heaven. This is Alone in Memphis from the amazing new Austin Lucas album that just came out on New West Records.

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