Wes Tirey, Buffalo Gospel, Nathan Edwards

I wrote about singer-songwriter Wes Tirey and his excellent EP I Stood Among The Trees few months back. Currently Wes is raising funds for his upcoming tour in Italy and released a new EP False Idols. Digital EP costs $1 (or more if you want to) and all sales will go to help fund his Italian tour. So it’s a good cause (of course funding a Finland tour would be a better cause..) and there’s definitely value for money, because Wes is such a great songwriter. False Idols was recorded to a cassette recorder at his apartment. Therefore this is a bit rough and bare, but the sound actually fits quite well to the mood of these folk songs. This is the opener Master, Master.

Wes Tirey at Bandcamp


Milwaukee-based Buffalo Gospel and their new album We Can Be Horses have been on my playlist for a few weeks. It’s a very strong release that offers a bunch of gorgeous songs at the junction of americana, folk rock & alt-country. The whole thing is really good and some of it is utterly wonderful. Here’s the music video for The Western (Devil Is Me).


Buffalo Gospel Website


And I’ll end this blog entry with Nathan Edwards who has spent some time in Stephen Foster’s song cabinet. An album called Nathan Edwards presents The Music of Stephen Foster came out back in July. This beautiful version of Hard Times Come Again No More ends that album.

Nathan Edwards at Bandcamp

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