Gifts or Creatures, The Great Park


Gifts or Creatures has been on the top of my playlist for the past week. Their sophomore release, Yesteryear Western Darkness, came out on last week on Earthwork Music. This husband and wife duo of Brandon and Bethany Foote have created a great americana album. I should pay even more and more attention to the folk scene in Michigan, because this is another winner and regular readers already know how much I adore bands/artists like Chris Bathgate, Frontier Ruckus, Small Houses, Strawberry Heritage, Nathan K etc. Speaking of Strawberry Heritage, the new Gifts Or Creatures music video Relicts & Ghosts was directed by Strawberry Heritage’s John Hanson. The song itself remind me a bit of Wilco´(the good kind of Wilco) and it goes like this.


Gifts Or Creatures Website
Gifts Or Creatures at Facebook


The Great Park has a new EP We Love To Get Lost And We Love To Get Found out on Woodland Recordings. The man behind The Great Park is an English folk singer-songwriter Stephen Burch who currently lives in Germany. He has released a lot of good folk releases during the last 5 years or so. I picked the new EP yesterday and I’m liking it a lot. This is the opening song, Deserter.


The Great Park at Bandcamp
The Great Park at Facebook

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