Video of the Day #132: Frontier Ruckus


I was just listening to the Frontier Ruckus album Eternity of Dimming the other day. Which I still do regularly, because it’s a definitely a top 5 album this year and a major contender for that album of the year award. While listening I remembered that I probably haven’t posted all of their videos yet. I think it’s about time, because these songs are worth all the hearts. So here are the music videos for the songs Dealerships and Black Holes from Eternity of Dimming. It’s a double album full of great songs and it will keep you company for a long time. It’s easy to approach, but it’s also a treasure that keeps on giving. I’ve been listening to it regularly for the past 6-7 months and I still feel like my relationship with this record is at an very early stage and I’m still learning something new with every listening session.

Frontier Ruckus: Dealerships


Frontier Ruckus: Black Holes


Frontier Ruckus Website

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