Soliti News: Gim Kordon & The New Tigers

gim kordon

Soliti is one of the finest indie labels in the country and they’ve been busy lately. Their new signing is wittily named Gim Kordon and it’s impossible not to like them. Finnish DIY punk rock meets 90s US indie rock. Where You Been at the back, punk vocals on the front. Sounds so good to me and takes me back to the days when things like Dinosaur Jr, Smudge and Sebadoh reshaped my heart. Debut album due out in 2014, but as a taste Soliti offers an early demo version of a song called Ei oo helppoo.

Gim Kordon Website


The second The New Tigers album The Badger came out last week and it’s another good one. I think Valtteri’s pop sensibility and the wall of sound are in good balance this time around. If you can write a great pop song with the loveliest melody, why destroy it with useless crap. Sometimes in the past they’ve been guilty of that. This time pretty much everything works. For example Secondary City is such a magnificent song where The New Tigers get closer to Teenage Fanclub-ish moods in the chorus. Well done.. and worth all the hype. This one is Quicksilver from the new album.

The New Tigers Website

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