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The Place I Left Behind by The Deep Dark Woods is probably my favourite album of this decade. It won the album of the year award 2011 and I still listen to it rather frequently. Therefore it’s kind of a big deal that there’s a new The Deep Dark Woods album Jubilee. However, I was rather worried when the first outtake Miles and Miles came out few weeks ago. At first listen I pretty much hated it, but I’m not sure where my ears were at the time. It just wasn’t what I expected at all, even though listening to it now, it’s rather hard to find that shock factor. Quite close to 70s Neil Young actually with some psychedelia. And I suppose that shouldn’t be that unheard from a folk rock band.

Anyway, I learned to like Miles and Miles and the second outtake 18th of December was the familiar kind of The Deep Dark Woods. So the excitement levels were back on an extremely high level. Right now I’m listening to this thing on Spotify for the first few times (until I get a physical copy) and I’m absolutely loving this. It’s a bit more challenging than The Place I Left Behind and I might struggle with a few of the songs. But I look forward to the challenge and I know I’m going to spend a huge amount of time listening to Jubilee. There was really no point in re-writing The Place I Left Behind and the quality is still on an equally high level. It’s just unreal how great this band is and Jubilee is one amazing album.

Jubilee was produced by Jonathan Wilson and it just came out on Six Shooter Records (Canada) and Sugar Hill Records (USA, Europe). This is 18th of December.

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