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I already quickly featured The Provincial Archive some weeks ago, but I think a revisit is in order. Especially because I just looked at my stats for the past month and the first one was The Provincial Archive with 396 plays (followed by The Deep Dark Woods and Penniless with around 150 plays) and that excludes car plays for example. Therefore it’s fair to say that I’ve been at least mildly addicted to this Canadian band and their albums Nameless Places (2009) and Maybe We Could Be Holy (2010). They are probably fed up with the comparison, but this does remind me of the good kind of Death Cab For Cutie with a folkier set-up. In some strange way this also hits the same corner of my hearts as The Weakerthans or Frontier Ruckus. But enough with the pointless namedropping. This is high quality folk-tinged pop music that sounds warm and captivating. Here are a couple of magnificent songs from Maybe We Could Be Holy.

Guided By Sundogs:

Live version of Art Museums and Tourist Traps (Southern Souls Video)


And I hope there will be a new album sometime soon, because this new single Common Cards is also marvellous. I already posted the song earlier, but now there’s also a great video.


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