British-Finnish duo Pelotons


Finnish Tina Kärkinen and British Michael Gale have started a new duo called Pelotons and released their first song last week. This might end up being a great collaboration and this first result Burrows already sound rather marvellous. Tina Kärkinen is also the singer-songwriter of the great Finnish band Swaying Wires and Michael has his great Co-pilgrim band in the UK. I look forward to more songs from Pelotons. This is Burrows.

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Pelotons at Facebook

<--The compulsory Ilona V bit-->

I first got into Co-pilgrim several years ago when Michael collaborated with the great Ilona V. It’s a huge shame that Ilona V’s music seem to be so hard to find these days. I do have everything she did back then, but I’d like to share that beauty with the world every now and then and most of the time. I’m still quite sure that one day some Light in the Attic of the 2040’s will dig up all Ilona’s recordings and release them as a lost masterpiece. Meanwhile someone should convince Ilona to write more music..

<--/The compulsory Ilona V bit-->

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