Album of the Month: Jeremy Squires – When Will You Go..


Jeremy Squires released his new album When Will You Go… November 5th, 2013. Jeremy is a North Carolinian singer-songwriter that has been featured here several times during the year. There’s something in his music that really finds the core of my heart. The songs might not always be filled with happy thoughts, but somehow I find his music comfortable and beautiful. Perhaps Jeremy helps me to tackle my own demons and guides me through the darker times. I know it might sound very unappreciative (but on the contrary, it’s one of the highest praises I can think of), but I’ve been actually sleeping with this record during the last weeks. Not making love to it though. After a tough day at the factory, there’s just nothing better to do than fall on the couch, put the headphones on and let Jeremy’s warm voice travel through my weary head. Then an hour or two later I wake up with Jeremy still singing in my head. That’s my kind of nap these days.

The new album features the highly talented Anna-Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner). She sings backing vocals on three songs. I think Central Nervous Station EP remains my favourite Jeremy Squires release, because it’s how I found Jeremy and it has become so dear to me. However, When Will You Go is just as great and totally worth of that Album of the Month spot. This single Oblivious is my favourite song of the new album. Listen to it below and stream/buy the whole thing on Jeremy’s bandcamp.

Jeremy Squires Website
Jeremy Squires at Bandcamp

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