Marmalakes and their debut full-length (indiegogo)


A big favourite of mine, Austin-based Marmalakes will head to studio this month to record their debut full-length. They need a bit of help and have set up an indiegogo project for the album that will close in 5 days. I rarely participate in these crowd funding projects (due to lack of money), but I instantly knew I was going to take part in this one. I’ve really liked the band for a few years. Their Even Clothed EP was even the EP of the year a couple years back. I don’t know the guys, but it has always seemed like they have a great chemistry together. They know that you need harmony and sensitivity to truly kick ass. It’s good to know when to slow down and when to rock’n’roll. And the singing is always magical. I consume more US folk pop and indie rock than my body can safely handle, but the good thing is that somehow Marmalakes has always managed to sound refreshing and not just more of the same. These guys definitely deserve a chance to make that full-length album. They played a few new songs on the radio last weekend and I really liked the songs (yeah, I do like Marmalakes enough to work out the time difference and stay up to listen some Austin-based radio online.. or I just don’t have a life.. your call). Their indiegogo closes on November 10th and they will head to studio later in november.


Marmalakes Website
Marmalakes Indiegogo project

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