Small Sur, The Grapes Of Wrath, Raina Rose

It’s soon time to start making those pointless but enjoyable year end lists. Therefore I’ve been trying to catch up on things that I haven’t listened to enough this year.


The one that first came to mind was this amazingly beautiful album by Baltimore-based band Small Sur. I did spend some time with it when it came out in June, but it certainly deserves a whole lot more. For example this song, Salt, is just magnificent.

Small Sur Website

I wasn’t even aware that these somewhat legendary Canadians were back in this hockey game and that there was a new The Grapes Of Wrath album until I stumbled on it a week or two ago. I should really get a copy of High Road, because this the kind of melodic pop music that I love dearly. This song below just sounds fantastic to me. Ok, maybe I’ve heard a similar kind of song million times before, but I don’t really care. This is just perfect pop music. Good to See You again The Grapes Of Wrath.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
The Grapes Of Wrath Website


The new Raina Rose album Caldera has also been on a heavy rotation lately. I think she is a great singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon (nowadays Austin, Texas). After listening to this song Woodsmoke, you probably will agree with me.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”100″ iframe=”true” /]
Raina Rose Website

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