Bandcamp addiction + Jordan Nichols – Songs For Leaving


I love Bandcamp and I love browsing it aimlessly. There’s always some exciting new arrivals on the front page and the fan accounts are just wonderful. I love seeing the collections of other fans who have similar taste, because it’s a great way to find both new and old releases that you have missed. Nothing beats an actual record store, but Bandcamp is the next best thing. It just encourages you to buy music. Like some other bloggers (Hi54lofi) have said it makes you even want to buy albums that you already own, because you want to see the record in your fan collection.

I also found folk singer-songwriter Jordan Nichols with the help of Bandcamp. A week or two ago I was again browsing the new releases in the folk category and this beauty was there. I hit that play button and instantly liked it. I added his new release Songs For Leaving to my wishlist and after a week or so, play button wasn’t enough anymore and I had to hit that buy now -button. During the last few days I’ve spent literally hours listening to this excellent album. I think all the songs are rather amazing. My own favourite is probably Never Been One, but this is the opening track Trouble Comes Trouble Goes.

Jordan Nichols at Bandcamp

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