Austin Craig & Timid The Brave


Austin Craig’s debut EP A Country Dark was released in June 2012, but I completely missed it back then. I think I just picked up Austin Craig from another favourite Austin a few weeks ago. Austin Lucas mentioned him in some tweet and because I love Austin and trust his judgement, I went and checked out this singer-songwriter over at Bandcamp. I found something brilliant and I’m fairly sure that this guy should be famous at least in the folk, americana communities. A Country Dark is indeed dark and therefore it might not be the most comfortable thing to listen to, but it is a very impressive record and the songwriting is world class. This is the amazing title track A Country Dark.

Austin Craig at Bandcamp

I’ll add another 2012 release. Sometimes in the blog world it kind of feels that you should write about something the week it came out or it’s yesterday’s news and not worth of a post anymore. Sometimes I’m guilty of that too and that’s just incredibly stupid. A lifespan of a record or a song shouldn’t be a week or a month what it often seems to be. It’s just as valuable to me, if I find it on the release date or if I find it two years later. Anyway, this song below is from Timid The Brave’s self-titled album that came out on Canadian Other Songs Music back in November 2012. Timid, The Brave aka Tim Selles has written an album full of amazingly beautiful folk songs and all of the songs would be worth posting. I will go with Colors this time around.

Timid, The Brave Website

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