Album of the Month: Koria Kitten Riot – Rich Men Poor Men Good Men


There might not be much blog action in January, but at least I’m going to quickly select the Album of the Month before the month is over. After the extremely busy Christmas period at the factory and writing the end-of-the-year lists for this blog, I’m mostly just taking it easy for the time being. Goal for January is to just rest, watch Finnish hockey (JYP) and NFL playoffs, read books and listen to good music. And not really worry about updating the blog or anything like that. I try to get back to full force starting February 1st and make this 13th year of the best one so far.

I admit that this is an awfully bad month to take a break from the blog. It’s mid-January and already four pretty amazing Finnish albums have been released. Koria Kitten Riot, The Wonderminers, Laura Moisio and Delay Trees have kickstarted this year in perfect fashion. I’m very much into all of them and anyone of them could well be the album of the month. That spot still goes to the album that I’ve listened to the most. Koria Kitten Riot is just getting better all the time and have released their finest album. I’ve also read a few reviews that have been a bit lukewarm, but I’m very much into Rich Men Poor Men Good Men and it has been a constant companion for the past month. Maybe I’m not entirely comfortable with some minor things on the arrangement side of a song or two, but these are really small things and a matter of personal preference. Nothing that could even remotely spoil the magic of this beautiful pop album. This is just the kind of music I love. I suppose it might seem just pleasant at first, but there’s enough details both on the lyrics and in the arrangements to draw your attention and keep you hooked for weeks.


Koria Kitten Riot Website

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