Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Orange Juice


It’s February and it’s time to start again. The small break is over and the goal is to remain fairly active for the rest of the year and make this 13th year of the best one so far. No promises though, because this is just a hobby (even though a very dear one) and I never really know how much time I have for this.

To get this started, I thought I shared a song that makes me really happy. I don’t know how Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures did it, but they’ve turned the most depressive words in the verse into a fabulous celebration of life. One of the few things I’m extremely good at is letting some really minor thing that shouldn’t have any relevance towards my happiness bring me down. These things shouldn’t matter at all, because I have you, orange juice and this damn joyous anthem. Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures 7″ single Orange Juice came out on Fika Recordings in January 2014 (the b-side is also gorgeous)

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Fika Recordings Website

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