The Pinecones – Ooh!


Time to start focusing on 2014 favorites. One of my recent favourites has been Ooh! by The Pinecones. I think this came out originally in 2013, but Reel Cod Records will release the physical LP in February 2014. I got into Brent Randall & His Pinecones several years ago through The Heavy Blinkers, but I had lost touch during the recent times. If I remember correctly the earlier band made pretty amazing orchestral pop music. Things haven’t really changed quality-wise, but the style is a little different. Brent Randall, Paul Linklater and Marshall Bureau aka The Pinecones have made a great power pop album. Sometimes it’s sweet and harmonic, sometimes it’s closer to Shazam-like rockin’ power pop. It’s nothing that will change the world, but it makes staying on it a whole lot of fun. This is That’s The Way I Wanna Do It.


The Pinecones at Bandcamp

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