Video of the Day #142: Viljami Kukkonen


If you ask me what is the best Finnish album of this decade so far, I don’t need to think twice. The answer will be Mörönsyötti by Viljami Kukkonen. I love that album wholeheartedly. When I have Mörönsyötti and Office Building’s To See Only Shadows, I’m going to be ok. They are not similar, but somehow they still are like companion pieces to me. The most beautiful music I can think of.

Viljami Kukkonen recently filmed a new song with Luomustudio. The song is called Säkki and it’s another beauty. Viljami is currently working on the next full-lenght. I couldn’t be more excited. Also remember to visit weekly. There’s already a huge amount of wonderful videos and more are coming on a weekly basis. I highly recommend this Small Houses video they did when Jeremy was touring in Finland. But this is Viljami Kukkonen and Säkki.


And this is Minä valvon nimeäsi from Mörönsyötti.

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