Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son


It feels like me and Damien Jurado are slowly drifting apart. Damien is exploring the soundscape with Richard Swift and I’m stuck at home listening to sad bastards singing about their broken hearts. Maybe one day I’m ready to join them for a walk, but I don’t think I’m ready yet. I already had some doubts about the overall quality of the last album Maraqopa. Of course it had 3-4 songs like Working Titles that were utterly wonderful, but I never got totally into the whole thing. Pretty much same can be said about the new album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. There are songs (or moments within a song) that sound amazing, but the whole thing just doesn’t work for me. It really isn’t Damien’s fault that I’m such a narrow-minded prick who is going to spend a lot more time listening to his glorious back catalogue than this newer material. However, the new album gets a couple of bonus points for somehow bringing the classic Ted Lucas album to my mind. Mostly in the beginning of the song Silver Donna. This is Silver Timothy from the Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son.

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