Nathan K. – Most Birthdays


These days we are hardly up-to-date around here, but let’s make an exception and post a new song almost immediately after hearing it. Michigan-based folk singer-songwriter Nathan K. just released the first single from his forthcoming album. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past half an hour and I think it’s a great song. I Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. You can buy/listen to the new single Most Birthdays on his bandcamp page. And while you are at it, check out his earlier albums Dishes and Newspapers & Prayers. These albums are name-your-price downloads, so you can even get them for free. But that always makes me want to pay a few dollars. So even though I’ve had Dishes on the iPod since the release year, I just paid a couple dollars (well I had a selfish motive and wanted these beautiful records to appear on my Bandcamp collection). Anyway, this is the new Nathan K. single Most Birthdays.

Nathan K. at Facebook
Nathan K. Website

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