Couch by Couchwest 2014 March 9 – 15


The best week in music starts today. It’s time for the annual Couch by Couchwest festival. It’s the finest music festival there is and it’s easy to join in. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to leave the house or even get dressed. Ok, if you want to be an artist, maybe getting dressed is a good idea, but bands like Bluejay have shown in the past that it’s not an absolute must.

In case you are a new to CXCW, the idea is fairly simple. Artists and bands shoot videos exclusively to the festival and submit them. CXCW staff posts the videos to the Couch By Couchwest website / twitter / Facebook during the week. The audience watch them, join the conversation, send photos of their pets and festival activities. It’s a whole lot of fun for everyone and also a great way to find new bands and artists. There’s been a couple of Finnish entries during the earlier festivals. Hopefully there will be a few more this year. Everyone is welcome and you don’t need much more than a camera photo to do it. Read the submission guidelines here. That’s all for now. See you at the festival.

Couch By Couchwest Website
CCXW 2014 at Twitter


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