Withered Hand – New Gods


I still have a whole lot of catching up to do, if I’m ever going to get up-to-date with 2014 releases. This however, is something brand new. Withered Hand aka singer-songwriter Dan Willson from Edinburgh (who also toured in Finland back in 2012) has a new album New Gods out now in UK/Europe (Fortuna Pop!). US release on Slumberland will follow on the 25th of March. I just listened to it a few times on Spotify today and I really liked it (I will pick up a physical copy later as well). It’s surprisingly pop at times, but of course I don’t mind at all. The song Heart Heart was clearly not for me and I almost hated it. But the rest of it sounds magnificent to me. There’s a lot to love. Like these great songs, Horseshoe and Black Tambourine.

Withered Hand Website

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