Video of the Day #147: The Hotel Alexis


How did I miss this completely? Nobody told me that The Hotel Alexis released a new album last year. I just found out 10 minutes ago. I know what I will be listening to for the next few days. I really loved The Hotel Alexis years ago and truly adored the first two albums. If I’m not mistaken, The debut album The Shining Example Is Lying On The Floor got the full five hearts here at back then in 2004 or 2005. I was revisiting that album today and saw the news that a new album Raised On Fire came out in 2013. I haven’t listened to the full-length yet, but based on this video song Gold Tonight, Sidney Lindner is still able to create wonderful music.

The Hotel Alexis – Gold Tonight from Hotel Alexis on Vimeo.

Hotel Alexis at Facebook
Hotel Alexis at Bandcamp

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