I Was A King – Isle Of Yours


I Was A King recently released a new album Isle Of Yours. This is a fact that I like.. no wait a second.. I love this fact. They are my Norwegian heroes of harmonic pop music. The previous album You Love it Here is one of the finest pop albums of the last few years. The first outtake from the new album was still a bit of a shock, because One Of Us was nothing like that TFC-esque pop heaven of You Love It Here. After listening to it a few times, the early shock turned into a long lasting admiration. I really liked the song and it was clear that the band is still in great form and have just added more dimensions to their music. And yeah, this album does have also some of those perfect pop songs like Bygdøy 30 and Oslo Share that I included on the playlist vol 2. I could listen to those two songs all day long. I could listen to Frode and Anne Lise sing all day long. The voices fit together so perfectly. It’s a pure bliss to listen to them sing. The Blades of Grass would say Just Ah.

This is the first single One Of Us.


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